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Childhood money trauma. Not only does it impact how you manage your personal finances but it can absolutely affect how you build and grow your business. But is there something you can do about it? Absolutely there is, and my client Bianca is a proud example of what it looks like to move past your childhood money stories. 

Before she enrolled in the Unblock Your Business coaching program, her mindset and habits were all over the place. She had a lot of resistance towards doing anything money related so she did the bare minimum, if her procrastination didn’t get in the way of even doing that. Her self-defined neglectful relationship with money resulted in overspending, not budgeting and just having an overall unease within her business. 

She didn’t have an understanding of how to properly run a profitable business. Of course this was not her fault because she was never taught, but this mindset made her feel scattered and ungrounded. Those constant feelings prevented her from living the life she truly wanted and knew she deserved. She became so detached from her business that she didn’t even realize when she had $10K months; something she would have been able to celebrate if she hadn’t felt a certain type of way about staying on top of her business finances. 

With Unblock Your Business, Bianca received the support she needed. 

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