No Frills Price Match Policy: The Full Guide (2023)

The average Canadian will make over five trips per month to the grocery store. With prices continuing to rise, finding ways to save money is becoming a top priority.

To do this, many shoppers have turned to the discount grocery store, No Frills. The retailer has marketing strategies in place to keep prices low and help customers get the best deal. What is the No Frills price match policy?

No Frills has a price matching policy where they will match or beat a competitor’s price.

Want to know how the policy works and how customers benefit? Keep reading for more information.

About No Frills

The parent company of No Frills, Loblaw Companies Limited, owns various supermarket chains and superstores. No Frills falls into the discount grocery store chain and has lower prices and a more “bare bones” approach.

There are more than 200 franchises located throughout Canada, and to keep prices low, the store requires customers to bag their own groceries. In addition, there are not as many product options since the retailer mainly offers generic brands. However, they have recently increased their name-brand product line.

What Is a Price Match Policy?

Price Matching (Apps or Competitor Flyers)

Retailers, especially grocery stores, have used price matching to gain customers’ trust and keep prices low for many years.

Price match policies usually work as follows – if a customer finds an item at a competitor’s store, they can get that same item at the same price or lower if a price matching policy is in place. You may need to present a flyer or advertisement showing the other retailer’s lower price at checkout. 

Each store has different rules concerning price matching, so make sure you read the fine print and are familiar with each retailer’s practices before using.

Benefits of Price Matching

Retailers use many different marketing methods to get and keep customers shopping at their stores. Price matching is one of these practices that has increased customer satisfaction time and again.

Here are some other reasons price matching makes sense.

  • Price matching keeps customers loyal. If they know certain retailers will offer the lowest prices, they’ll keep shopping there instead of visiting other stores for better deals.
  • These policies save time and money. Customers don’t have to worry about visiting several stores in one trip to get the best deal. They can pop into one store and show a competitor’s ad to get the lowest price.

No Frills Price Matching Policy

No Frills

So, what is the No Frills price matching policy? Is it similar to other stores? Here’s what you should know.

The No Frills matching policy, otherwise known as “Won’t Be Beat,” states that if you find a product at a major supermarket competitor with a lower price, No Frills will beat it. The customer must bring in the ad, in either digital or print form, to show the competitor’s price.

Price matching applies to items that are exactly the same, meaning the same brand, size, and weight. It is only good for up to four price-match products and does not include rainchecks.

In addition, the program does not include No Frills gas stations, pharmacies, or third-party operators for meats, seafood, and bakery.

No Frills claims its competitors are “major supermarkets,” meaning stores within a geographic trade area. This is determined by No Frills and based on different factors that can change from time to time.

How to Price Match at No Frills

In-Store Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to price matching at No Frills in-store:

  1. Research Ahead: Before heading to the store, review weekly flyers of competitors. This can help you identify which items might be cheaper elsewhere.
  2. Locate the Item: Navigate the No Frills aisles and locate the product you’re interested in price matching.
  3. Ensure Eligibility: It’s vital to check that the item you’re looking to match meets the criteria set by No Frills. This usually means the product should be of the same brand, size, and weight as advertised by the competitor.
  4. Present Proof: Keep the competitor’s advertisement readily available, either on your mobile device or as a physical printout. The advertisement should clearly showcase the product’s lower price.
  5. Interact with the Cashier: Head to a regular checkout line (avoiding self-checkout lanes) and present the ad to the cashier. Inform them you’d like to price-match the product.
  6. Confirmation: Once the cashier verifies the ad, they will adjust the price in accordance with the “Won’t Be Beat” policy of No Frills.
  7. Escalate if Needed: In rare instances, there might be confusion or refusal from the cashier’s end. In such cases, politely request to speak with a store manager. They will usually provide clarity or help you secure the price match.

Using the App

If you’re leaning towards a more digital approach, the No Frills app simplifies the price-matching process:

  1. Install the No Frills App: Download the latest version from your device’s respective app store.
  2. Browse and Search: Use the intuitive search functionality in the app to locate your desired product. Take a moment to check its price.
  3. Activate the Price Match Feature: Once you find your product, navigate to the price match option within the app. From there, you can upload or link the competitor’s advertisement showing the reduced price.
  4. Verification at Checkout: As you’re preparing to pay, show the price match confirmation from the app to the cashier. After a quick verification, they will adjust the product price accordingly.

Price Match Exclusions

As noted above, not all products are available for price match. According to No Frills, here are their exclusions.

  • Any items included in a multipurpose purchase, like a buy one, get one free.
  • Product offers included in special email or online prices.
  • Products delivered by third-party vendors.
  • Any items that contain discounts through loyalty programs.

What To Avoid When Price Matching

Price matching can help you save money and limit the number of grocery stores you have to visit. However, if you’re trying to get the best deal, you’ll want to avoid these common mistakes.

  • Don’t assume a retailer always has the best prices because they adhere to price-matching policies. While stores like No Frills try to get customers good deals, sometimes another retailer just has a lower price. The bottom line is that customers should continue to shop around even if they regularly shop at one grocery store.
  • Need to do a price match? Do not go to a self-checkout lane. To get your deal, you will need to speak with a cashier and present the competitor’s advertisement.
  • If you don’t get the answer you want and the cashier won’t give you the price match deal, take your concerns to a manager. They may clarify the reason you can’t get the lower price. Keep trying until you’re satisfied with the answer.

Simple Ways to Save Money At The Grocery Store

Make a Grocery List and Stick to it to Save Money

With grocery store prices up almost nine percent more than last year, finding ways to save is imperative to making your money stretch further.

Retailers that adhere to a price-matching policy help consumers keep costs down and save them time, but what are other ways to lower your grocery bill? Check out these money-saving tips.

1.   Meal Plan

Taking the time to plan your weekly meals will keep you from impulsively hitting up the drive-thru on hectic evenings. Instead of figuring out the eternal question – what’s for dinner, you’ll already have an answer and the ingredients on hand to whip up a tasty meal.

2.   Stick To Your List

Going to the store without a plan is a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up buying whatever sounds good at the moment, but will it work during the rest of the week? Probably not.

Making a list goes hand in hand with meal planning. Not only will you have a list of dinner ideas, but you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make those yummy meals.

3.   Shop In Season and Keep an Eye on Weekly Ads

Buying produce in season will be cheaper and taste better. If possible, you could buy in bulk and freeze or can for the upcoming months.

In addition, watch for your store’s weekly sales. If you plan correctly, you can check the ads and meal plan based on the sale items, a sure way to save you money each week.

4.   Consider Generic Brands

Stores like No Frills base their whole approach around generic branding. These items usually cost less and taste similar, if not the same.

If you are a name-brand snob, start slowly and replace one or two items a week and see if you notice the difference. Keep adding more generic brands to your shopping cart every week, and watch your grocery bill dwindle.

5.   Check Out the Freezer Aisle

Fruits and veggies don’t have to be expensive. Go to the freezer aisle to find a great selection of healthy vegetables and fruits at low prices. The best part is that these freezer finds are just as healthy, if not healthier, than their fresh counterparts.

6.   Try Shopping Online

Most grocery stores now do online grocery orders where you can shop online and pick up your groceries at the store. Not only will that save you time, but it will cut down on costs if you tend to be an impulsive shopper.

Looking for other ways to save at the store? Check out this article on simple ways to stretch your money.

Popular Price Match Apps

While No Frills is one of the stores that observes a price match policy, it is not the only retailer with that marketing tactic. Plenty of other grocery stores and merchants each have their own policies meant to draw in customers.

To wade through all the information and help with price comparisons, different price match apps are available to help you find the best deals around. Here’s a list of my favourites.

1.   Flipp


Flipp is one of the most popular shopping apps available. It helps you get the best deal by scouring over 2,000 ads based on your wishlist to find the lowest prices. Even more, making a shopping list will help you find discounts, coupons, and loyalty offers available within your area.

2.   Reebee


Similar to Flipp, Reebee lets you peruse all local ads that get updated weekly. You can make a shopping list and connect items needed to local flyers. The best part is that it isn’t just for grocery stores. You can check out all kinds of flyers – electronics, home, sporting goods, and more.

3.   Shopbot

Shopbot Logo

Ok, this is not necessarily an app, but it is a great website if you want to make price comparisons. The Shopbot website lets you search through different categories and matches prices from other retailers. This is a good resource when you’re looking for bigger ticket items like electronics.


Does No Frills price match with FreshCo?

Yes. Given the direct competition and overlap in the products they offer, No Frills often price-matches items from FreshCo. However, ensure that the products being matched are identical in size, brand, and other specifics.

Does No Frills price match with Giant Tiger?

Yes. Giant Tiger is a recognized discount store that sells a variety of items, including groceries. The grocery section of Giant Tiger frequently overlaps with No Frills’ offerings, making it a relevant competitor for price matching.

Does No Frills price match with Shoppers Drug Mart?

It depends. Shoppers Drug Mart, primarily a pharmacy, also offers a range of grocery and household items, especially in their larger locations. While No Frills might price match some of these items, not all products from Shoppers Drug Mart will be eligible. This is primarily because the focus of the two stores is different.

Does No Frills price match with Walmart?

Yes. Walmart, being a major retail giant in Canada, offers a comprehensive range of products, including groceries. Given Walmart’s significant market presence, No Frills considers it a direct competitor and, as such, usually offers price matching for Walmart’s grocery deals.

Final Thoughts

No Frills Price Match Policy

No Frills is a retailer that uses a price matching policy to beat or match their competitor’s prices. This marketing tool helps customers enjoy low prices while maintaining their loyalty.

Looking for other ways to save money while shopping? Try these top couponing apps to help lower your grocery bill.

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